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Hey there, I am Kunal Singh. Fintech Learner blog is the best way to share my knowledge of Fintech, Personal Finance, Crypto, Book Summaries, and some earning tool. Maybe These are not perfect but day by day our content will improve and hope you will never disappoint.

Welcome To Fintech Learner, your number one source for all Financial Education

Fintech Learner is a Professional Educational Fintech learning Platform. Here we will provide you only interesting content, which you will like very much. We’re dedicated to providing you the best of Educational, with a focus on dependability and Financial Technology, Finance, Investment. We’re working to turn our passion for Educational into a booming online website. We hope you enjoy our Educational as much as we enjoy offering them to you. We’re dedicated to giving you the very best of Educational Content in very simple words, with a focus on Learning, Implementation, helping you to build a strong portfolio.


Founded in [2022] Fintech Learner has come a long way from its beginnings in [India]. When first started out only for the passion for Teaching, Guiding, and Execution. Fintech Learner can offer you to build your investment journey.

My Story

I am Kunal Singh I just want to create the best Financial Education website. I am creating the website and I assure you I’ll never harm your expectation. When I started the journey I saw this is field is very scattered and not in a well systematic way. I want to create a systematic way to build this journey. I am here to guide you, to motivate you.

What I love doing

I love people to communicateI love storytellingI love reading books ( Topic: Financial, Marketing, Technology)I love writing

Categories and Details

Here I want to keep it very niche-specific. So I divided my website into 5 categories

1. Finance:-

 Here you will learn or introduce to different Terms of Finance, You will learn how to start Investing, Personal finance, Here you will know about Financial Independence, You will know about stock and market conditions, Financial Risk Management and much more. 

2. Crypto:-

Here you will learn popular crypto and their technical part and details about the crypto market. I’ll detail about the crypto market and the ups and downs. We’ll know about crypto’s from an Investment Perspective also as a Project. The Crypto market is very volatile so invest in your own risk.

3. Technology:-

That’s another interesting part! In this part, you will learn the technical part of the stock market and crypto market. How does the market work? The technical Part Behind the stock and crypto market. Mechanism of UPI etc.¬†

4. Earning & Tools:- 

We all know how to select your career, how you will earn but this part is special. We’ll learn how to create a passive income. Two sources of income are very important in today’s life so try to create a passive income. Also, we’ll discuss some tools that will help you to grow and become your passive income journey perfect.

Announcement to Make

*I am here only to give my perspective my suggestions. I am not a financial advisor. The Stock Market is Very risky so dive in here only if you are ready to take a risk. I will have zero involvement in your portfolio building.Fintech Learner is fully based upon my tried and tested method. There are different people who have different thoughts about investing and Financial Management, Technology, etc. This blog is only for your guidance so just take it as a guide, not a Stock Tip. I am not  Promoting any Stock or Crypto. Every investment is risky but I am here to minimize the risk.I am not a professional advisor. Just a person who knows a little bit about this field and here I’ll share my own perspective, my techniques, and experience. 

Always open to taking your opinion so you can contact Fintech Learner. Thank you for your time. Hope my blog will really help you in your financial management. Best of Luck For Your Investing.


Kunal Singh