Earn Money By selling NFT: How to Use Opensea to Sell NFT

This guide will explain if you can make money by selling your photos (or videos) as NFTs. One of the most popular ways to make money is to sell your NFTs on the market. While you may have heard of people selling NFTs for thousands of dollars (see our post on NFT charts for a few examples), they are indeed a rare exception. Now that wealthy investors are investing in NFTs, they are likely to become more and more popular. If you want to know more Read Ulitmate guide on NFT

Experts predict that NFTs will stay and continue to grow outside the realm of arts and games, especially if wealthy investors continue to invest. The fact that the most popular NFTs are still just images suggests that the market is still heavily undervalued. The real surge in NFT popularity can only begin when complex non-fungible tokens become more popular, unlocking the full potential of NFT technology. NFTs are still new enough that “unicorn” sales like the “Most Expensive NFT Sale” are still happening. While some high-end NFTs are overpriced right now, the NFT market is just getting started, so you’ll have a lot less competition.

Example NFT

Buy NFTs on one platform for a lower price and sell for a higher price elsewhere. Starting easy, the best way to buy NFTs is to go to DraftKings, NBA Top Shot, or another more traditional company that offers easy shopping. You can profitably engage in buying and selling NFT items on the market. You can create your own NFT and sell it for cryptocurrency or cash.

 If you have already bought a collection of NFTs and no longer need them, you can quickly sell them as if you created them yourself. The NFT has a feature you can turn on that will pay you a percentage each time an NFT is sold or changes hands, ensuring that you will see some of these perks if your work becomes super popular and increases in price. We will see what NFTs are, how you can sell NFTs and make money, where they are traded, and recent examples of NFT sales.

Crypto currencies Vs NFT

Unlike cryptocurrencies, NFTs cannot be sold or traded because they are not identical. While physical transaction cards are easily damaged, NFTs can be safely stored on the blockchain and never lose quality. Well, just like cryptocurrencies, NFTs are stored in digital wallets (though it’s worth noting that wallets must be specifically compatible with NFTs). Compared to more interactive NFTs like simple digital trading cards or virtual artwork, in-game NFTs are by far the most advanced.

NFTs can indeed be anything digital (like painting, music, your brain being thrown away and turned into artificial intelligence). Still, most of the hype right now is about using technology to sell digital art. While some have grown concerned that selling what is essentially an image link for millions may be a money laundering hedge, others see NFTs as a real revolution in the art world. Others believe that NFTs are here to stay as innovations that can change the world, like the internet. Regardless of what people think, it’s right to ask to see if it works, especially for someone like me who already makes money from selling stock photos and videos (here’s a guide).

Some entrepreneurs and investors use NFTs as stocks and profit by buying and selling them. Today, NFTs are accepted and sold in large numbers because many people agree that they are worth the money. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are often used to buy and sell digital items such as tweets, artwork, game skins, and virtual real estate. They are often digital representations of items sold, traded, or even rented out.

NFT Opportunities

Non-fungible tokens can be a fantastic earning opportunity in sports such as football and tennis if used correctly. In today’s digital world, these tokens can be considered a form of ownership as they have a string value and cannot be subdivided into smaller quantities. In my opinion, virtual kittens show that one of the most remarkable aspects of NFTs (for those of us who don’t want to create an art lair for digital dragons) is how they use them in games.

You will be happy to know that almost everything digital can be turned into NFTs and bring you the highest income you have ever received. While $69 million may be a bit excessive, the sale confirms that NFTs can make money.

How to Use Opensea to Sell NFT

Once installed, you are ready to explore the NFT collections available on the OpenSea Market. All you need to do is find the NFT or NFT collection in OpenSea and click on the schedule in the NFT profile.

OpenSea is like eBay, but you can sell or buy digital items instead of selling physical objects to the highest bidder. This is important because any NFTs you purchase or sell will not be stored in OpenSea; OpenSea is just a marketplace that facilitates transactions. Buy NFTs on the OpenSea platform, and you can resell them at will. Finally, you can choose an NFT package or reserve it for a specific buyer.

Insert Existing NFT into Opensea

To insert an existing NFT into OpenSea, go to your profile and click on the desired NFT. Choose Fixed Price if you want to sell your existing NFT for a certain amount, or choose Temporary Auction if you want people to bid on your NFT. To sell an NFT, auction it on OpenSea or another marketplace (people can bid on your NFT, or you can determine the selling price). If your NFT is a unique serialized NFT (most projects with profile photos), you can run a temporary auction similar to an eBay sale.

You can receive offers on any NFT you own, not just items you have listed for sale. From there, you will create an NFT, find an NFT you like, and click Buy, bid on an NFT and hope your offer is accepted, or list an NFT by selecting Add Existing Contract on the create screen. You will be asked to finalize the list, confirm all the details, and publish one of your NFTs on the OpenSea market.

Connect Metamask

To list your NFT on OpenSea, you need to connect to the Metamask wallet that you used to create your collection of NFTs and NFTs on NiftyKit. Make sure you research the market value of your NFTs before listing your NFT. Just upload the digital file, document it, and wait for the item to sell. Now, if you want to list your new NFT for purchase, click “Sell” in the top right panel, and you will be redirected to a new page to complete the terms of sale. You can also view the sale activity of any other non-fungible token or collection of NFTs on OpenSea.

The largest NFT marketplace for buying and selling non-fungible tokens is OpenSea, with over 10 billion sales. OpenSea is considered the first and largest NFT marketplace where users can buy and sell various digital assets. In other words, it is a website where you can buy or sell multiple NFTs such as domain names (ENS), digital art, and collectables using an Ethereum wallet like Metamask.

Choose whether to sell your new NFT at a fixed price or auction by time, currency, and expiration date. You also can specify a final price, price reductions over time as a buyer is found, scheduling for the future so your new work can be purchased later, and a privacy option for just one address selected for purchase. It is important to note that any user who wants to purchase your item can view the transaction history of your NFT on the blockchain at any time. Follow the steps to sell NFT art on OpenSea (steps vary by market).

Create NFT

If you have artistic talent, you can create your item and upload it to your collection or purchase a non-fungible token from the NFT Market. Users can start recording their work as photos, paintings, gifs, audio, or video in NFT format and sell their work on Opensea.io. To create an NFT, create an OpenSea (or another marketplace) account, upload your work, select an initial offer, set up other options such as commission, and create a listing (it’s free on OpenSea, but you might have to pay ETH like gas here).

With OpenSea, you can insert your item into an existing collection, add mods or traits, levels, stats, and even unlockable content (such as bonus content for purchasing your artwork). OpenSea also offers many other features for merchants, such as adding a description, adding unlockable content (only available with an NFT purchase), adding levels (which is useful when creating digital maps), and more.

If you scroll down the main page, OpenSea will also greet you with many NFTs. Some additional verification requests may also be if one of your NFTs was not released on OpenSea.

Sell NFT on Polygon Blockchain

To sell NFTs on Polygon, go to your NFT location and click Sell, which should be in the top right corner. This will take you to a new pop-up window where you can select the sale price and currency, as well as view all the fees associated with your sale.

After confirming the details of your deal, click on “complete listing,” after which you will be prompted to complete the listing in an additional window. A pop-up window should appear in the browser extension if you use MetaMask as a cryptocurrency wallet. OpenSea is an NFT auction platform and an NFT creation platform. Buying and selling NFTs on OpenSea uses the Ethereum (ETH) cryptocurrency.

OpenSea is the leading NFT marketplace. Anyone with a crypto wallet can buy and sell anything from high-quality photos and mutant monkey portraits to rare tokenized Poka(c)mon cards and electronic music.


You can think of these tokens as the digital equivalent of a piece of art in a private collection. Each NFT can represent digital files such as images, audio, video, video game objects, and other forms of creative work. NFTs or non-fungible tokens are used for real-world objects such as works of art, musical art, and even real estate, but in a virtual capacity. In my opinion, just give it a try if are an artist who must explore the NFT world. I hope You got your answer. 

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